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IMPORTANT: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Leave a comment down below on what you liked and what needs improvement, weather it's too easy or too hard or not engaging (and why) or if you don't have an account send and e-mail to kanderson.2018@student.baliis.net. (P.S Please don't just write It's good or It's bad. Write whats bad and why (P.P.S This can be done in less than 10 words so (P.P.P.S Example: Movement is bad because its hard to dodge quickly (P.P.P.S Example 2: Couldn't get past 3rd level because it gets hard to fast and power ups to expensive))))

WOO!!! UPDATES yes! Now we have more stuff in the game, like... uhhhhh, MORE POWER UPS, spinning coins, rotating spinning coins, floating rotating spinning coins and the biggest yet. METAL!!! Although you can't do anything with the metal BUT THAT'S FOR THE FUTURE, so keep waiting.. Forever........


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Astrods Mac 1.0 9 MB
Astrods Windows 1.0 8 MB


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Can you say if theres an update because i had to erase the game and download it again!

Thanks for the comment Ryuzaburo, but I don't know how to notify if there are updates either on the game and on the website. If you would know either could you please tell me. Thank you